​Junior Sailing Program

Fair Haven Sailing Club (aka River Rats, Inc.) is a non-profit educational organization that offers summer training sessions for young people interested in sailing.  Training is available for boys and girls with sailing skills ranging from beginner through intermediate, and advanced/racing.  Students must be at least 8 years, no older than 16, and able to swim. A swim check is conducted the first day of class.

Session I

Monday, June 25th through Friday, July 20th

Session II

Monday, July 23rd through Friday, August 24th


(No classes during Junior Sweeps August 6 - 9)


BOATS FOR TRAINING ARE PROVIDED AT NO EXTRA COST , (However any student may use his/her own approved boat)

SECURITY DEPOSIT: To help instill a sense of responsibility along with an understanding of the care and maintenance involved in keeping the Fair Haven Sailing Club fleet seaworthy, Fair Have Sailing Club (aka River Rats, Inc.) will require a $50 security deposit from each student or one per family.  This check* will be used only if neglect or foolishness results in necessary repairs.  Parents will be notified immediately of any occurrence.

SESSION FEES:   Session I & II -  3 options:

1.       2 days per week (Tuesday and Thursday)

$316.00 for Fair Haven Sailing Club/River Rat Family Membership Holders: $504.00 for non  Members

                  2.     3 days per week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

$474.00 for Fair Haven Sailing Club/River Rat Family Membership Holders: $756.00 for non members.

3.      5 days per week  (Mondays thru Fridays)

$790.00 for Fair Haven Sailing Club/River Rat Family Membership Holders: $1260.00 for non Members


                           All sessions require a separate $50 Security deposit check from each student or one per family.                                                                                                                                                        

PARENTAL INVOLEMENT:   A MANDATORY PARENT MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF CAMP!  Parent involvement is critical in assuring a fun and safe summer on the water.  Parents add to the experience by getting sailors to class in advance of their start time, making sure they have correct clothing, food, snacks and safety gear.  Parents also need to make certain that their sailors understand that taking care of equipment and facilities is everyone’s responsibility including taking care of their gear, club equipment, and cleaning up after themselves keeping the facilities tidy for all of the students and members of the club. 





BEGINNER Category :  For those who have little or no sailing experience.

This course encourages students to enjoy sailing and gives them the ability to handle small sailboats safely.  Students sail National 10 (Turnabout) and Optimists.  Water safety, basic boat handling and maintenance are emphasized. The course includes a capsize drill.

INTERMEDIATE Category :  For those with some sailing experience.

The Intermediate class builds on the fundamental skills taught in the Beginner class.  It introduces spinnaker handling, racing, and handling of boats under a variety of conditions. Students sail National 10 (Turnabout) and Optimists.  Students are expected to take the Intermediate class for at least two sessions before moving on to Advanced.  Students may participate in the Junior Sweeps Race Week in August.

ADVANCED/RACING :  For experienced sailors who can handle a Laser or 420.

The Advanced/Racing class teaches students to handle a sloop-rigged boat, emphasizes precision boat handling, includes racing skills and tactics, and orients students to a variety of racing courses.

Enrollment in the Advanced/Racing category is subject to approval by the Head Instructor.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Junior Sweeps Race Week in August.  Students may provide their own boat.

*This check will be destroyed at the end of the season or can be directed to be deposited as a tax free donation to the Fair Haven Sailing Club (aka River Rats Inc) a not for profit volunteer organization that has served the local community since the 1950's.


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